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    Irresistible objects of desire

    Things are just things, but what makes an heirloom? Something so precious, that it causes us to slow down, and transports us to a moment in time. I love the stories that beautiful objects can tell...someone actually listened to records on that phonograph, wrote a love letter with that pen, said “I do” in that dress, spilled heartbroken tears on that handkerchief. All of life’s cycles repeat and replay, and the stories are told through the objects that we leave behind. Vintage laces and embroideries hold a special place in my heart…there is something so utterly irresistible in the details of silk and jewels, of lingerie or a wedding veil, and the lost art of hand-made craft. Taking the time to ponder every last detail is truly a luxury, and choosing something to be cherished, not wasted, not used up and discarded, but to be appreciated and treasured, rediscovered over and over again…this is an Heirloom.